The Aztec Empire, also known as the Triple Alliance, is an ancient alliance of three-Mexico city-states: Mexico-Taycuco, Tocopan, and Tenochtitlan. It existed in the 15th century. Under the tutelage of their powerful queen Moctah Multo, the Aztecs took the form of the Aztec Empire when they conquered Central Mexico from the Tezcatlipoca indigenous people. Known for its advanced civilization, the Aztec Empire was a powerful state on its own but it also helped to bring the other states in the region under its influence.

The Aztec Empire lasted for centuries, but slowly it was brought to an end by the Spanish conquistadors. What was left was a desolate place, with ruins and remains of the Aztec cities that stood there. There were even several churches which were built during those times for the souls of those who had fallen in battle. When the Spaniards came, they did not find the Aztec culture very alluring and it caused them to go back home, disregarding the Aztec heritage altogether. But recently, some elements of the Aztec culture have been brought back into the limelight because there are some who want to learn more about these forgotten giants of the past.

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in the Aztec culture, especially after some researchers found some ancient Aztec textiles at the ruins of Tenochtitlan. The pieces of evidence discovered near the city of Tenochtitlan mentioned figures of human skulls with small metal implements or spindles along with pieces of pottery that contained textile characteristics. Some of these evidences pointed out to the presence of the Aztec Empire around 200 years ago. There are some other sites which have yielded a wealth of information about the Aztec civilization. Some of the notable sites where the tourists can get information on the ancient Aztec obsidian blades and the findings of textile plants have been published in books and journals.

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